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Venice gondola

Northern Italy

Piedmont-Langhe, hills of wine and truffle
Land of enchanting hazelnut-colored towns, where the black gold of the most valuable truffles is buried in the stillness of the amber hills; grape beds concealed amid the castles in the tones of Nebbiolo wine.

A stroll among thermal villages, castles where dolls turn into works of art, regal gardens with bright, vibrant hues, and luxurious homes brimming with artistic treasures.

Landscapes where small towns suddenly spring up out of nowhere, and where the ancient Rocche might tempt you to dive into the azure blue water of the northern lakes.

The loveliest thing that might happen to you is getting lost in this all-Italian gem, which embodies the charm and magic of a city rose from water.

Land of ancient and aristocratic masks, whose canals, filled with dancing gondolas, are inspired by the true spirit of the gondoliers, as well as the typical calli, hidden amid the rooftops with exquisite sunsets.

A life spent on foot among winged lions, majestic churches, and rainbow homes.

Rome piazza di Spagna

Central Italy

Tuscany, the beating heart of Central Italy, has its air thick with the aroma of wine and cypress. Suddenly, its rolling hills transform into a spectacle of folkloristic music and dances: a carefully curated series of sensations will stay with you through the years to come.

Nested in secret corridors and hidden gardens, timeless markets sell art exuding authentic charm… with a dose of magic!

Cinque Terre
Settle in amid the steep paths where to meander and perceive the scent of plants and flowers enriching the air.

While a rainbow of houses plunges into the turquoise waves, breaking on the rocks, sublime panoramic terraces reveal the typical flavors of this land.

Strolling on endless cobblestones, one can admire vast hidden gardens where giant monsters peep out from bedrock. Rome and its surroundings provide countless emotions, in a constant transition from the old to the modern.


Southern Italy

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is truly inimitable.
It takes on its own distinctive character with its rugged coastline, dotted by caves and grottos. Lose yourself in enchanting beaches ebbing and flowing between the rocks, scented by the lemons which cling to its hillsides. There’s an untainted charm to the place.


Vibrant carts, dancing puppet shows, and titanic temples rising from the shoreline… Sicily sparks your imagination! Overlooking this idyllic island are sweltering vines and cloaked sun-kissed villages: a rural respite from your hectic life in a laid-back environment.


The Trulli,  pristine limestone clifftop towns and tranquil Adriatic waters… gorgeously rustic, simply Puglia. There, the food is delicious and amazingly fresh, and the local olive oil – also known as “liquid gold” – is fit for the Gods.